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The options on how you can see a psychologist

Adelaide Hills PsychologistIn recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of mental health and well-being. In Australia, accessing support from a psychologist has become more straightforward, with options that don’t necessarily require a doctor’s referral. This article aims to guide you through the process of accessing a psychologist in Australia, highlighting the flexibility of seeking help independently or going to your GP.

You can go to your GP about your mental health concerns, this requires booking a long appointment so that they can do a  Mental Health Care Plan. This is needed by Medicare if you want to get a psychology fee rebate from Medicare. The Psychologist will want to see this so that they can claim the Medicare rebate for you.

Self-referral is where you call and make an appointment without seeing a GP first. You can call a psychologist and simply make an appointment.

When you see a psychologist your health fund may enable you to claim to get some of the psychology fee refunded. This varies according to the health fund, so you will need to call them and ask. This is also a psychology self-referral.

With a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP, individuals are entitled to up to 10 subsidised visits to a psychologist per calendar year. This is a GP referral to a psychologist.

If you self refer to a psychologist  or you get a referral from your GP, called a Mental Health Care Plan, you choose the Psychologist every time

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